Unmined.io hacked, database leaked

Unmined is a cloud based Bitcoin mining tool. “We believe that in the near future everyone uses cryptocurrency for the payment of Online purchases, foods, and even doctor`s fees. So, just because of that we developed simple, secure and affordable Bitcoin mining service for each and every people.” – Stated in the official website.

Picture credit: Unmined.io

In May 2020 service experienced a data breach that became known in April current year.

The data breach consists not only of database of its users, that includes emails and passwords, but source code of tool itself. July 20, 2021 database and other files became publicly leaked on a hacking forum.

Out of 131,540 emails found in the database about 60% appeared unique and never seen before in other breaches.

Top email providers that appear in this data leak:
1. @gmail.com – 104,390
2. @Yahoo.com – 7,853
3. @hotmail.com – 3,985
4. @outlook.com – 793
5. @Mail.ru – 770
6. @icloud.com – 473
7. @aol.com – 441
8. @ProtonMail.com – 320

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