33k Hong Kong exporter’s clients exposed online

Schools, NGOs, government departments and retail utilities at risk.

Today, on April 11, a well-known threat actor in the hacking community, going by the name “LeakBase,” shared a database belonging to one of the fastest-growing importers and exporters in Hong Kong. The company, KoreanCorner, focuses on quality creative Korean products and mainly deals with B2B transactions.

The Hong Kong headquartered enterprise is also present in South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and the US. Korean Corner provides a wide range of products for kitchen, living room, kids spaces and others.

The breach has exposed the sensitive data of KoreanCorner’s 33,295 user accounts, including usernames, hashed passwords, names, partner URLs, emails, registry dates, and other information.


About LeakBase

LeakBase, previously known as “Chucky,” a Russian-speaking threat actor, has been active in underground hacking forums for several years. They have recently rebranded themselves from “LeakBase” to simply “LB”. The threat actor has become present on Telegram in early 2022 and been particularly active on now FBI-seized BreachedForums – LeakBase has been sharing new data breaches and advertising their own forums alongside. Now their forums propose free databases, as well as “premium” leaks, combolists as well as stealer log packs.

The LeakBase forums also host spaces for programming, configs, various utils and discussions. As BreachedForums has left a void, many hacking forums users were now seen to have continued with LeakBase instead. BleepingComputer has also reported that LeakBase has been supported by yet another dangerous threat actor called ARES.

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