Kaduu Update v1.9

We rolled out a new version of Kaduu with a few useful features that may help you to find more threats for your company. These features include:

  • Simple Search Mode – now by default the system is in the Simple Search mode, which helps you to search in almost all available sources at once, right from the dashboard. If you are searching in multiple data sources (“Search Everywhere” option), results are combined and are visible on a single page. Please note, that not all data sources are available in Simple Search. In order to see all features and use the full interface, please press the “Expert” button on the top of the menu.
  • Query Wizard – in Simple Search you may enable a Query Wizard, which will transform your queries and make the results more relevant. This option is enabled by default. The system applies different transformations, depending on the source, and it is using all our experience in getting the most valuable information from our database. All transformed queries are visible on the results page – just put your mouse over the eye icon. Thus you can learn the extended syntax and use it later in the Expert Search mode or when disabling the Query Wizard.
  • Improved Bulk Search – if you upload multiple queries at once using the “Upload” button, you will be able to see and navigate results for every query separately.
  • Risk Score in search results – the system estimates a possible risk for a company, based on the original search query and result metadata stored in the database. The estimate is very rough and may be far from reality for your company, so please don’t hesitate to provide your inputs on adjusting the algorithm.
  • Credit Card Search – a new data source, which indexes credit card information leaks. We are storing all credit card information – a masked number (6 digits in front, 4 end digits), CVV, owner name, bank name and expiration date. There is no much data available yet, the index will be improved in the next few days. This feature is only available in the Expert Search Mode.
  • Domain Typo Search – a new “Typos” tab on the domain overview page helps you to find advanced domain name variations using a DNSTwist domain permutation engine. The search works in live mode, so the process may take 3-5 minutes to complete.
  • Bulk Domain Operations – you may choose some domains on the Domain Search page and request extended data for them – DNS information, SMTP records, HTTP headers, screenshots, and so on. Previously this feature was available only for individual domains, from the domain overview page. There’s a limitation of 100 domains per single request. This feature is only available in the Expert Search Mode.
  • Leak File Downloads – now every leak overview page has a “Files” button, which leads to a list of leak files. There you may download separate leak files, if their size doesn’t exceed 10 Megabytes. You may also download leaks from the Extended Leak Search results page by clicking the file name of a particular result. The same limitation of 10 Megabytes applies there as well. This feature is only available in the Expert Search Mode.

Please stay tuned, we have many more superb features coming in September!

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