Hackers Out for Dating: NoStrings Data Breach

On January 21, 2022 Australian dating website, NoStrings(nostrings.com.au), has been attacked by hackers, resulting in a full user data breach.

Image credit: TheSentinel

Kaduu Team has analysed the database and we are indeed surprised by the amount and variety of sensitive data the service has gathered. Among emails and hashed passwords the following data has been exposed:

`id`, `name`, `country`, `state`, `city`, `birth_1`, `birth_2`, `type`, `seek`, `headline`, `page_loaded`, `MaritalStatus `, `Relocate`, `Height_1`, `Height_2`, `BodyType_1`, `BodyType_2`, `Smoking_1`, `Smoking_2`, `Drinking_1`, `Drinking_2`, `Education_1`, `Education_2`, `Occupation_1`, `Occupation_2`, `Race_1`, `Race_2`, `Religion_1`, `Religion_2`, `SexualOrientation_1`, `SexualOrientation_2`, `MaleEndowment_1`, `MaleEndowment_2`, `Circumcised_1`, `Circumcised_2`, `BraSize_1`, `BraSize_1`, `BraSize_1`, `BraSize_1` `, `Description`, `DescriptionChars`, `DescriptionDots`, `IdealPerson`, `LookingFor`, `photos`, `Used`

Compromised file is now freely distributed in underground hacking forums. We believe this data can serve for phishing, scam and hacking purposes.

Stay aware and cyber secure!

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