Nestlé Data: Anonymous Hack or Internal Breach?

On March 22, Nestlé, the Swiss multinational food and drink processing conglomerate corporation, has suffered a data breach.

Hacking group Anonymous in a series of tweets has called out companies that continue operating in Russia for sponsoring Kremlin regime by taxes they pay in country.

Days after Anonymous has claimed to have hacked Nestlé, extracting 10Gb of sensitive data and leaking online only a 5Mb archive.

Nestlé has responded almost immediately to such allegations assuring that Anonymous has nothing to do with this incident, that took place weeks ago.

In recent article Nestlé’s spokesperson said: “This recent claim of a cyber-attack against Nestlé and subsequent data leak has no foundation. It relates to a case from February, when some randomized and predominantly publicly available test data of a B2B nature was made accessible unintentionally online for a short period of time. It was detected by our security team at the time and the appropriate review was carried out. The data was prepared for a B2B test website to perform some functionality checks.”

Kaduu Team has analysed the data leak made available by Anonymous, and, indeed, agree with Nestlé on nature of this data breach. We believe Anonymous has used such an opportunity for political narrative and does not possess 10Gb of announced hacked files.

Whether the recent hacking claims had anything to do with it or not, Nestlé finally caved to public pressure on Wednesday and suspended a significant portion of its operations in Russia. In a statement posted to its website, the company said it planned to partly scale back its product sales in the country, while continuing to provide “essential food, such as infant food and medical/hospital nutrition.”

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