Novartis experienced a cyber attack

On February 25, Pharmaceutical giant Novartis has been attacked by Industrial Spy hacking group. The company ensures no sensitive data has been compromised during the incident.

Photo by Lianhao Qu

Industrial Spy is a hacking group that runs an extortion marketplace where they sell data stolen from compromised organizations.

On June 2, the hacking group began selling data allegedly stolen from Novartis on their Tor extortion marketplace for $500,000 in BTC.

The data being sold consists of 7.7 Mb of PDF files which is considered not a big amount of data among ransomware gangs. Industrial Spy does not provide more information on the data leak, so it stays unclear if 7.7 Mb is the total amount of data they possess.

In an official response Novartis declined any sensitive data being stolen and confirming awareness of an incident itself.

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