Kaduu 2.1

We are happy to announce a new version of Kaduu 2.1! It includes a few cool features.

Leak and Account Trends Widget

Leak and account trends show how your company exposure is evolving over time. This feature works based on pre-configured alerts, so please make sure you have them set up.

Company Benchmark

Compare your company’s synthetic risk score against reference companies from Fortune 1000 and Forbes Global 2000. You can select any industry or country for comparison.

Reporting Engine with Customizable Docx Templates

Use customizable DOCX templates to automatically generate complex reports with lists, tables and any formatting you need.

Template language is based on Word Content Controls. It allows using conditional text blocks, lists, filters, etc.

Asset Management

Assets and asset groups help you to easily manage alerts for your infrastructure. You don’t need to create individual alerts anymore – just create assets of a desired type and they will be automatically converted to alerts with appropriate search syntax.

Alert Status Tracking

Now you can track whether triggered alerts have been submitted to your email address or webhook, and if not – see the error message.

Negative Sentiment Analysis for Social Networks

Every social network post gets a negativity sentiment score in percents, where 0% means a totally positive comment, and 100% means a note full of disappointment.

Active Domain Tracking

Get new domain notifications faster with “Active Domain” tracking. Just specify your main domain name as a keyword and get notified on new similar domains almost instantly. This tool was designed to overcome downsides of our domain feed providers.

New Domain Feed for CH and LI Zones

We are using a new additional domain feed for .ch and .li domains – https://www.switch.ch/de/open-data/

Phrase Search in Leaks

Use phrase search in leaks, containing 2-3 words. Previously our leak search had a flaw, that didn’t allow doing that.

Ransomware News Widget

Ransomware news widget to track all recent news from ransomware hacker groups.

New Botnet Logs: Redline, Taurus and Vidar

The new version of Kaduu supports 3 new botnet log providers. It will take some time to add new data, but we are already working on it.

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